Let's rhyme again: Dizain ~ I #amwriting #poetry

English: Street Art in poetic form in Hualient...

English: Street Art in poetic form in Hualient City, Taiwan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

October 2016

On and off I am going to showcase the different poetic forms I discovered in 2013. Today’s post was first published in February 2013. I think I need to remind you about the horse meat scandal which was in full swing in those days :-).

February 2013

The Dizain is a french poetic form that has a certain rhyme pattern. According to “The Poets Garret” it has never gained the same popularity than the Decastich or the Sonnetina but to me, it seems to be quite a challenge.

Well, that is probably because I prefer free verse and rather work with repetition than rhyme but my New Years resolution was to challenge myself to try out new forms so there we go:

The Dizain’s rhyme scheme goes as follows:

a b a b b c c d c d

It was made up by 8 syllable lines but later on, 10 syllables were used and in English often as Iambic Pentameter. But in the end, it seems to be up to you!

And here is my take on it:

Disdain ~ A dizain poem

Just can’t stop myself from saying
“The horses meat in burgers is
plainly cheap and utter baying
of greed and silly alabis.
I sit and watch this new crisis
glad to be vegetarian
hoping for a good guardian
but understanding this again:
it doesn’t need a magician
to see their terrible disdain

Well, even though I adhered to the 8 syllables and the rhyme scheme I am not too happy with it. I think it would have sounded better if it would have adhered to a metre as well. But I had to declare defeat I am afraid: that went over my capabilities :-).

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