K'Lee and Dale's Cosmic Photo Challenge ~ The Trees

Dale provided us this week with the prompt and it is “The Trees” as apparently in his neck of the woods 😉 the autumn colours are appearing. I’m cheating a little again  as mine is only one tree :-).

It is the oak tree in front of our house that I wanted to feature for some time.


In Germany, this would not happen. The efficient Germans most certainly would have cut that tree down. Oak or not! The Brits, of course, love their trees and no overland power line will make them stop a tree from growing.

However, they are, of course, security conscious and therefore the poor tree may not grow as it pleases. It gets cut down once a year keeping a safe distance between the power line and itself. There is actually a tree in Fakenham where we used to live where they cut the tree crown in half and let the powerline go through. Only in Britain (sorry my dear British readers)!!!!

But now no more pointing out the crazy of the British way of doing things and on with the photos :-).


The oak tree seen from our door step


Seen from down our drive


From the other side


From the inside so to speak



And a new oak tree 😉

And where is the cosmic challenge you might ask? Here:


This is an artistic filter called “lightning”


This is the cartoon effect


This is the art Kandinsky effect


That is the Warhol effect


And this effect is called “fire”


And the last one is embossed 🙂


Today I used Luna.pic for editing just in case you wondered why I’ve gone a little mental with the editing ;-)!

You can find Dales photo’s here and K’Lee’s here

Thanks gentlemen for this great blog event :-)!


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6 Thoughts to “K'Lee and Dale's Cosmic Photo Challenge ~ The Trees”

  1. Wow, you’ve outdone yourself, Bee.
    I love that Kandinsky picture, very cosmic.

    1. Didn’t really do anything. Just played with LunaPics options. I think I found my picture editor :-). But thanks.

      1. Try PicSayPro, it gives a lot of functionality and control. Apart from Instagram, it’s the only thing I use for photo editing.

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