Home? ~ A #Poem

September 2016
I think I might have posted this one before but it is a still important question to me so I’ll post it again
June 2012
I wrote this in July 2009:
I heard a Rodger Whitaker song last night when I came home from work. Can’t remember which but he said something about something that reminds him of Britain. And suddenly I thought:” I wouldn’t write something like that about Germany.”
It’s not a lot that I miss of the country of  my birth. That would be my granny, my friends, Borkum and Laugenbrezeln. That’s pretty much it.But I also felt like writing about that and so that one came into being:


Where is my home?
In the country, I come from?
In the country, I live in?
Where is my home?

Home is where ever I lay my hat!


I thought “wherever i lay my hat, that’s my home!” is an English saying but it seems like it is “just” lyrics or titles from Marvin Gay and Paul Young

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  1. Is this the song?

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