#Poem at night ~ Being on the street

September 2016

This is the first ever poem I wrote for #frapalymo. That was fun :-). I hadn’t translated the prompts yet so we just have to guess ;-). Oh no, we do know: It is a picture by Antje Borman. I am not quite sure though if the poem makes any sense. I have edited a little and leave it to our imagination what we make of it :-).

May 2012

            being on the street

Rain’s kiss

for a bridge.

It got it.

Just a



the street!


(I know there is no rain on that bridge in the Netherlands. However, it is the only picture I could find. Sorry 🙁 )

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3 Thoughts to “#Poem at night ~ Being on the street”

  1. Even though there is no rain, it is a marvellous photo!

    1. Thank you very much 🙂

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