#Poem at night: Cinnamon love

September 2016

Not much that I can say to this one :-). I am editing the poem though :-). And I encourage you to visit “The Poets Billow” and do the exercise. It was real fun!

June 2016

Yesterday I wrote about a writing exercise in “Zara ~ a writing story”  from “The Poet’s Billow” which I have done today. That was real fun. Now I will post the poem that I came up with and it is called:

Cinnamon love 

English: The biggest Japanese cinnamon tree lo...
English: The biggest Japanese cinnamon tree located in Kamo hachiman shrine, Aira city Kagoshima prefecture Japan 日本語: 鹿児島県姶良市蒲生町の蒲生八幡神社にある日本一の大楠 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Warm breeze

embraces me

like you

and the

cinnamon tree‘s



Not your





But thus

is your love


that you

give me

the cinnamon grove.


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