Bee's Travel Thursday ~ No need for travelling far


September 2016

If we think about travelling we think of more or less exotic places where we haven’t been yet. However, there are beautiful places close by that we often haven’t seen. My family and I love to go to the beach and Norfolk, UK offers a variety of different and beautiful beaches. Today I introduce you to one we have visited in summer 2012 and that is what I wrote about it:

June 2012

The last day of our holiday was a sunny one and that is why we decided to go to the beach. We have been to Lyme Regis in our holiday a well-known place in GB for fossil hunting but as the weather was appalling we could not go to the beach. So we went to the closest fossil hunter beach here which is West Runton.

Tell you what? We still did not find a lot but the sea was beautiful and I could take quite a few pictures. I had changed my pixel setting to a higher one and mainly used the sunny beach pre-set which worked ok but I could not see the screens both of my mobile and the camera and so my pictures were a bit hit and miss.

Still there are a few nice ones :-):



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