The Blues Stanza ~ A #Poem

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October 2016

In 2013 I did a poetry project on my now retired poetry blog. I wanted to create an ABC of poetic forms but can’t remember how far I got. Today I share with you B:

January 2013

This one really surprised me as I have never heard of it before.

The blues stanza is of course connected to the music form blues but has found its way into poetry as well. Even though I always think that lyrics of music are a kind of poetry.

The blues stanza can be a sarcastic and ironic poem that keeps a look head-on on life. It is derived from the Afro-American expression for their hardships also called “sadness and lamentation”.

As far as I understood it is a kind of stand~up poetry (as well) where the first line is repeated to give the poet the chance to find a closure in the third line and a another rhyme.

Therefore you have a rhyme scheme AAa BBb CCc as long as you like to. It can be Iambic Pentameter but looks like it is up to you in the end how you want express yourself.

You can find examples of Blues Stanza here: Blues Stanza at the Poets Garret & Blues Stanza at Poetry Magnum Opus

And here is what I made of it:

Shop til you drop

we go shopping no matter what

we go shopping no matter what

ignoring economy is in a strut!


spending money is what keeps us going

spending money is what keeps us going

do you wonder where from the money is coming?


share-holders do a little dance

share-holders do a little dance

and certainly don’t need a cash advance!


it’s not about the money so they say

it’s not about the money so they say

it’s all about the money so I bray!


but in the end you have to decide

but in the end you have to decide

what is your real life’s pride!


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  3. Hi there, that was funny, I really liked your effort. I work for a financial newspaper so I could relate to what you were saying. I hope you went shopping afterwards! Cheers, Bernard

    1. lol no but I work in a supermarket and see and know both sides 🙂 thanks for stopping by and the compliment

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