Hope II ~ A #Poem

September 2016

This poem is dedicated to one of my favourite German poets Hilde Domin. I was introduced to her poetry and her theory about poetry when I studied social work and it has been an inspiration every since.Especially since I have decided to immigrate to the UK. Hilde Domin did not really decide or only partly to immigrate to the Dominican Republic. She was Jewish so she had not a real choice in the 1930’s and 40’s. Her artist’s name is a dedication to the country that gave her safety in Nazi times.

The link I set in the third line of the poem leads to a page which at the bottom gives you more information about this incredible poet.

June 2012

Hope II


They wrote
roses and trees

in sight
of murder
and torture


is the only way
of hope


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8 Thoughts to “Hope II ~ A #Poem”

  1. i had to read twice to see the contradiction. the essence of hope, beautifully expressed

    1. thank you very much ~ I was thinking about a discussion poets and authors had after the second world war saying that you can not write poetry any more after experiencing such horrible things. Can’t remember who exactly discussed it and it might have been only a German discussion. But there are still so many horrible things happening everywhere and it is still hard to keep up the hope. But nature has always given me hope 🙂

      1. because poems are like flowers; horrible things often give rise to beautiful poetry as an expression of the soul.

        1. that is so true ~ I sometimes wonder if you need to experience challenges to be able to express in a poetic or other artistic way.

          1. maybe, because my best poetry came from my darkest of days, but not necessarily so.

          2. the same for me. But if you have a look at great artists there is always something they struggle with: May it be injustice in society, abuse in childhood, a lost love… But maybe it is just so that they express all these things and that is what they are supposed to do.

          3. inspiration has to come from somewhere, you’re right; but maybe it’s just the inclination of the artist compelling him/her to do what needs to be done.

          4. at least some do 🙂

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