Lean Against… and Listen ~ 29Oct16

Not only this week is over also the month. Another two days and we are back into November and remembering and probably storms and a lot of cold. So let’s curl up in front of the fire and write:

I quote Kasey Mathews from the WANA group “Write to Heal” for this writing prompt: 

“With paper and pen, or computer handy, lean back in your chair, or against the wall, or a sofa, etc., close your eyes and imagine you are sitting under a large tree with your back resting against the trunk. On the other side of the tree, a Storyteller has come to sit down and also rest against the tree trunk. With eyes still closed, just listen. Wait for the Storyteller to begin his or her story. When you hear it begin, simply write down all that you hear. “


BucketList for the new week

  • dance a little
  • clear up that mess
  • bake delicious cookies
  • make plans
  • fulfil some of those goals
  • read
  • listen to music
  • write a poem
  • recite a poem
  • go for a walk


have I  mentioned dance a little? 😉


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