Today’s the day!

We are moving into our own home close to the sea. When it happened at last (we saw the house in January but could not finish the sale until late September) we had lost all excitement about getting our own home and everybody else was happier than we were.

There were a lot of disappointments and obstacles in the way to which I am not going into. Too long a story and it is behind us now.

At this point, I just want to thank everybody for their help especially my step-mum.

I have scheduled posts for a few weeks because we do not know how the powers that be in the UK Internetland will connect us and when. My mobile internet isn’t strong enough to post a lot of posts but hopefully, I’ll be able to answer comments with the WP app. We shall see.

If it is a little quiet here don’t worry: I’ll be coming back for you someday πŸ˜‰

Update October 24th

It looks like the house doesn’t have a phone line neitherΒ internet so it might take a little longer than expected to be online again. But don’t worry: Posts are scheduled until early December.

We got a few more “surprises” in the house but I keep that for later posts. At last I feel excited and am looking forward to get out of the boxes and in the house and start creating our new home. Take care my dear readers and I will pop up at your blogs and here as and when I can!

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