A little alphabet of poetic forms

October 2016

In January 2013 I started a poetry project on my old poetry blog. It was called “An alphabet of poetic forms” where I wanted to collect as many poetic forms as I could find. I think I gave it up at the letter G or thereabouts but we will discover that later on in the year. Today I just share with you what gave me the idea to do so.

I did not read Stephen Fry’s book then but have bought it this year and will give it a try :-).

January 2013

Using different forms of poetry with the #frapalymo in November as well as Stephen Fry‘s critic of modern verse in his book “The Ode less travelled” gave me the idea to create a little alphabet of poetic forms.

I never thought about how many forms there are and I find it really exciting to try out new things.

So today I start with the letter “A” and the poetic form is called “Aubade“. An Aubade is a morning love song originated in the middle ages singing about courtly love by the troubadours. It does not have a special rhyme or rhythm but what is characteristic is the theme: lovers parting at dawn.

It has been used throughout the centuries but got new fame in the 20th century. One of the most famous examples is “Aubade” by Philip Larkin.

Some examples of Aubades:

John Donne “The Sunne is rising

The Guardian “Poster Poems: Aubades” (you find examples in the comments)

Devine Johnston “Aubade


And here is my take on the Aubade:


Rise morning rise

My husband is gone

long before your dawn

is caressing me.


Rise morning rise

give me tasks and ideas

to soothe my longing

for his tender embraces.


Rise morning rise

I will await patiently

our evenings




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14 thoughts on “A little alphabet of poetic forms

  1. First of all, thanks for the pingback. Secondly, I’d not heard of this form before and enjoyed reading yours and learning about it. Thank you for that as well.

    It’s good to learn something new each day.


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