Not so Wordless Wednesday ~ Black’nWhite

September 2016

I found a way to recover the photos of my old blog. Yea!

February 2012

I just figured out that my camera has a black and white setting. As I do love black and white pictures I am eager to try out and find my way with it. Nowadays it is easier as you can take normal pictures and then do them black and white with the software. But that always seem to me a bit like cheating. I do not really like to work on my pictures with software unless I want to crop them. Well, that’s just me I guess :-).

Here are some of my trial pictures from the weekend!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS. I have to admit I am cheating here. These aren’t the pictures I used in the original post. Against my announcement above I could not retrieve the pictures of the old post.

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