Where is home? ~ A #Poem

September 2016

When I was young, I had a lot of discussions about what “home” means with my grandmother. She was a refugee from communist Germany directly after the war and had paid people smugglers to make it over the border to the democratic part of Germany where she spent the rest of her life.

She spent most of her life in the west but until the end of her life, she felt that where she came from was her home. But she also felt that Germany as a whole was her home and that it needed protection against “immigrants”.

I had trouble to understand that notion. First of all my uncle emigrated to Switzerland and both she and my granddad were immigrants. So how could they feel that the country that took them in needed protection from immigration? What would have happened to her if the west would have thought like that when she came over the border? Of course, this is a hot topic in today’s political landscape all over the world and my opinion hasn’t changed in this matter since I had my discussions with my grandmother.

I think you cannot stop people from wanting a better life. If they see it in your country, they will come and no border, wall or army will stop them. Hope is a too powerful force to stop anybody. If you create walls and use armies to stop them the only thing you create is more resistance and lots and lots of illegal immigrants who must be much more expensive to deal with than having open borders.

Also if you look into history, it is those countries that were open to immigration and influences from the outside that have thrived. Not those who shut themselves in. Otherwise, North Korea would thrive like hell. Mind you, opinions might be different about that topic.

For me as an immigrant to the UK, this question is very personal too. I would consider the UK as my home even though I do not agree with Brexit. But there are at least 40% of Brits who do not agree either. Germany is my home too I suspect. I grew up in Germany, and its values and lifestyle have influenced me.

I suspect though if we moved to Canada, New Zealand or Siberia tomorrow, those places would become my home too. At least my physical home. My spiritual and creative home are rather in myself, and all forms of home have a lot to do with people who care about me and whom I am in contact with.

So here are my questions from August 2011 which are still important:

August 2011

Where is home?

Is it where you are born?
Is it where you feel home?
Is it where you live?

Where is home?

Is it a country?
Is it a feeling?
Is it a lifestyle?

Where is home?

Is it where you lay your hat
is it just inside yourself?

Where is home?

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3 Thoughts to “Where is home? ~ A #Poem”

  1. A very good question Bee 🙂
    A home is one thing. To feel at home is another. I have lived so many places in my life, I have moved a lot by different reasons. Some places are more friendly than others and the feeling about feeling at home also depends of that.
    I’m also an immigrant and I can easy follow, what you write about here. I can feel at home, when I’m in company with souls, as I love and care for. Otherwise I’m just visiting.

    1. That puts it perfectly :-). Thanks for sharing 🙂

      1. You are welcome Bee 🙂

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