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Last month I have integrated my last blog into “Just Fooling Around With Bee”. It is called “A Spirit of Healing” where I wanted to work on two topics which are important in my life: Mental Health and being a survivor of abuse.

My goal was and still is to bring together information about mental health issues and finding pages or organisations for every country in the world that offers help for survivors of abuse and people who have mental health issues. That, of course, is a huge undertaking and will need a while. A worthy life’s work I wager :-).

For most of the time so far I have searched for YouTube video’s and TED-Talks to give information about mental health issues. You can find my old posts here.

I will keep on doing that for a while longer until I have worked through all my old posts and made this blog look like one and not like ten :-).

I am open though to all suggestions what to write about concerning mental health and being a survivor. So if you have a question or a topic that is not covered sufficiently on the net I am happy to have a look into it and write about it.

But for today I offer you another one of the great TED-Talks about mental health:


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