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Oh dear! I have no idea how Dale over at Diary of an Internet Nobody can write all his posts on his phone. Mine constantly “eats” my posts as it just happened again. So I am back on the laptop trying my luck!

Looks like I have been a little muse to Linda this week. I asked her: ” what about using paintings or songs as a prompt”. It’s not her sort of thing but, alas, it gave her an idea and I am happy to have been of service :-).

But to stop torturing you here is the prompt: It’s “view” in any way we want to use it.


I love a good view. That probably comes from me growing up in a rather hilly and foresty area in Germany. The place is called Steinheim and moon and NASA fans might know it because the first astronauts came to visit Noerdlingen and supposedly Steinheim too after they did their legendary journey in 1969.
Steinheimer Krater

That’s because Steinheim is built in a meteor crater. A tiny one I admit but, alas, still a meteor crater. When I was young and had a look at the horizon I saw beech trees and lots of forest. Imagine my wonder when my grandparents took me to the baltic sea (a journey of about 7-10 hours from where we lived) for the first time and I saw the view from a beach. I was only five or six years old but I got hooked. And now or maybe in a few months time depending on how much our solicitors decide to work I am going to live in a house where I can see the sea. Well, again a  tiny little bit of sea but it is THE SEA!

the sea

Nothing compares to the view of the horizon from a beach. Ok ~ I admit the view from a mountaintop in the Alps might come close (I have seen a few of those views too but had not camera yet) but only close in my opinion.

But now to something entirely different. Obviously “view” somehow reminds me of Germany today. It’s because I viewed “The Great British Bake Off” on the iPlayer at lunch time and the poor Brits were challenged with a good old German Dampfnudel.




I am not prone to homesickness a lot. Only when it comes to food and not the view apparently: There are “proper” Bretzels I miss and a “proper” Blackforest Gateau“. No, I do not miss Dampfnudeln but where I came from they made something similar but in a savoury way. It’s called a “Hefeknoepfle” ~ a little yeast button ;-).

Have I made you hungry now? Well, then I best leave you with a food video to view 😉


This post is part of Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Please head over and find more thought provoking, funny, creative and touching posts in the comments.


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12 Thoughts to “#SoCS views”

  1. You HAVE made me hungry!! I love the view from any beach but nothing compares to the sea…scent of the salt water, sound of the rolling waves ….now i need to get out and get some pastries thanks to your post, my mouth is watering:)

    1. Hope you enjoyed the pastries :-). I had some cookies at work 🙂

      1. Nothing fresh left (that’s what «i get for sleeping in) so i got sushi instead…my friend has a kiosque and she gave me the salmon rolls free

        1. Oh, you lucky lady 🙂

  2. Gorgeous. I like how your past influences your preferences.

    1. Apparently the place I come from used to be a lake. And also a reef. Maybe that’s the reason why I am so hooked on the sea 🙂

      1. Oh, the past is deep with some of us. Lovely, Bee.

  3. Beautiful views – nicely done!

  4. It was definitely entertaining watching the poor GBBO contestants attempt to make Dampfnudel. I love a view from the beach too.

    1. I loved it. I’m from Germany but never attempted Dampfnudeln. They are a proper challenge but well, I don’t take part in GBBO ;-). But will try some of their breads. So delicious. Thanks for stopping by!

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