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Yesterday I told you about our landlord who sadly passed away last week and his funeral yesterday. He was a sodbuster. In this case, it means he was a farmer. I suspect that word is a little demeaning and rude and that is the last thing I want to be to him. So we just forget that word quickly :-).



Banningham Church in Norfolk, UK


I do not know if he liked busses but he loved trains and planes as well. In his last weeks, he shared several homepages with the best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world where you can see which planes are flying over our heads and which ships come along too. I suspect there is one about trains too but I can’t remember.

That  memory makes me smile because even at over 80 he tried to be up-to-date with all things tech which made his wife shake her head. She rather does things the old-fashioned way. Their farm was a family business and no agribusiness. Those are a little suspicious to me. I believe that people care more about the food they produce for us if it is a smaller business than on a large scale and with that the food will give us more sustenance. Bu(s ;-))t that is just me!

Our landlord did his service in the RAF and I wonder if he ever had to be and ambuscader. At the time we met him he was far from it. They described his presence yesterday as calm, loving towards his family and friends and dependable. And they said he always tried to see the best in a situation. That probably explains why he was a such a cheerful man.

I do not think I have beaten around the bush about how much we appreciated our landlord and I stop rambling on about him now. Even though I will dedicate next week’s “Thursday Doors” to him and his beloved church. It is a National Heritage building and in need of repair.

So for now, I end with a simple: May he rest in peace!


Linda invited us on the bus in all its forms for this week’s #SoCS. You can find more brilliant posts and rules and the full prompt here.

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