Security ~ a #poem

August 2016
Security is a topic that is occupying my mind a lot. There was not much security in my childhood and the latest developments in society and the world (increased terrorism) doesn’t improve that either.
I suspect the idea of total security is an illusion. Insurances say that the most dangerous place in the world is your home where the most accidents happen while you are doing your housework. No matter how much politicians try to give us an impression of heightened security the terror attacks in France, Iraq, Germany, Afghanistan, the US…. have shown us that there is no total security.
Life in dangerous. That’s a fact. And it looks like we have to learn to live with it.
July 2011


A blast
A shot

4 thoughts on “Security ~ a #poem

    • It is lovely. It belongs to a house in one of my favourite places in Norfolk: Walsingham. And yes, that is what I tell myself too. It doesn’t always work but we’ll get there 🙂

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