Habits of Kindness and Gratitude ~ 23Sept16

Today’s post is dedicated to our landlord who sadly past away last week. He had cancer and at over 80 he and his wife decided to make his last months as comfortable at home as possible.

I admire both even though in many respects they are very different to us. We like to keep to ourself and most of my “social” life happens on my blogs. I work with many people at the supermarket and as a sensitive person and a little psychic that is more than enough “socialising” for my taste. I just pick up too much of their trouble and negativity.

Our landlord used to be the churchwarden of the close by church for 43 years. He loved his church both the building but also the institution. Here is, of course, where we differ the most. Both my husband and I have not much love left for an institution that has caused so much heart ache to many.

However, I recognise true spirituality when I see it and both our landlord and landlady live their Christianity the way I believe Jesus had it intended.

I have never met anyone who was such a cheerful, kind and free giving person than he was. We miss him terribly.

Today was his funeral and we spent a service in his beloved church feeling a little uncomfortable for obvious reasons. But we made it.

The service was a true thanksgiving for his life and many came to celebrate it. He deserved nothing less.

So today’s habits of Kindness and Gratitude are dedicated to him.

Three things I am grateful for:

– having known Leslie

– being welcomed by him and his wife when we moved in

– the wonderful home both have given to us for more than three years

Journal a great experience:

Being able to say goodbye to him today at a place that was incredibly important to him. I could feel his presence.


Today I concentrated breathing and the basics


None besides the shopping. But I did double yesterday

A random act of kindness

Not sure if that counts but I send out a blessing for all those assemled at the church.

May you have a blessed morning, evening, afternoon depending on where you are and when you read.

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  2. What a lovely post.

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