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Good Morning Writers! ~ 6June16 ~ How to Create A Character“Good Morning Writers” had quite a long break in the last few months. It’s not that I grew tired of it or that I have no ideas left. However, I needed to tend to other topics in my life.

So now we are back, and maybe I have to introduce this meme to you guys who haven’t been a regular reader of my Blogger blog “The Bee Writes…”.

I introduced “Good Morning Writers” a few years back to share my writing journey but also to share information about writing and publishing that I find helpful. I have mainly shared ideas by Julia Cameron and Randy Ingermanson, but there will be more over time.

I used to post them on Monday mornings to kick-start the writing week. However, I am now doing “Mindful Monday” and I decided that two intense posts might be a bit too much. Maybe not for you my dear readers, but certainly for me to write. So “Good Morning Writers” has moved to Friday. For many the writing starts at the weekend anyway as we have to pay the bills and still have day jobs so this change might be a pretty good one. Who knows.

If you are interested in what I have shared with “Good Morning Writers” so far have a look here.

As I am still in a phase of change, I will share some videos for the time being or parts of Ingermansons newsletter which is pretty informative and good in my opinion. And it is ok to share as long as we mention him and his page. However, for today I have chosen a video :-).

I had the honour to read the “A Game of Thrones” series in the last few months, and I also have been pondering where my writing is at the present moment. I tried to figure out why Martin’s books and those of other great writer’s drag me into their world while my writing rather feels a little lifeless.

One thing I realised is that George R.R. Martin uses a lot of description to make me see, feel, hear, sense and smell the world Jon, Daenerys, Arya and all the other characters live in. Description that uses all our senses seems to bring the world alive and I was curious to read more about it.

Now, I am a simple little writer and I often find that explanations made for young people let me understand much better how to get about the thing I want to learn than something complicated written for adults. So I chose a video by TED-ED which gives a little insight into how to bring your story alive with description. I hope you enjoy.

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