#Poem at night: Father Bear is calling


September 2016

Rest and Work-Life-Balance is still a hot topic in my life. In September 2011 I had a dream which inspired a poem. It also started me on a path of discovery about animal spirits, animal guides and shamanism.

I wouldn’t call myself a shaman even though I probably have an affinity and talent for shamanism. However, animals I encounter on many levels of life have given me good advice ever since. And I have learned to trust their advice even if I do not understand it on a logical level. It has never failed me, to be honest.


For now, though I lead you to the poem I wrote in September 2011 and my thoughts then:

September 2011

Father bear is calling
I have to follow
His advice for rest!

I had a dream a few days ago in which I encountered a bear. The next morning I read up what the animal spirit guide Bear means. It is the symbol for strength, introspection, Dreamtime and transformation. I have been feeling for a while that something new is about to come, but I am not ready yet for it to start. I feel tattered in too many activities, too many blogs, too many projects and I need time to figure out which is important and which is not. I also feel that one blog is more than enough to write if you want to do it daily and with some quality. Am not sure though if it will be a totally new one or if I just bring together all those I am writing right now and chose one of them to go on. Therefore I allow myself to go to hibernation and let grow what is about to be born! I have not set myself a time limit as those processes have their own rhythms and times. But as soon as I know where to go I will let you know. Until then feel free to roam my poetry in all those old entries and please come back to find out about the new one!


September 2016

I think this blog is the fruit of that process 🙂


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