I love Polaroin

September 2016

I had many blogs on my other WordPress profile one of which was a photography blog. I have integrated it into “Just Fooling Around With Bee” but unfortunately, most pictures do not show up in this blog. Never mind. There is a lot of deleting going on right now :-).

However, I still love Polaroin and have some of my Polaroin creations kept safe so I can share them with you anyway. This is what I wrote in February 2012 about it.

February 2012

In my blog “Zara ~ writing journey” I was writing about Julia Cameron‘s advice to give yourself a day per week to just play around with something you enjoy to give your creativity a boost. Photography is my “playing around” and there are some gadgets and pages that help:

One of it is Polaroin an online Polaroid creator. You can upload one of your pictures and it creates an old-fashioned Polaroid picture. You can even write something on it. Here are some examples:

please click on photos to enlarge

In this sense have a creative rest week all of you!

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