Perfectionism Part II

A motivating post! Please head over to Cheryl and read her wise words :-). Thanks!

Catching Fireflies

Last week, I posted about perfectionism and how it keeps most of us from chasing our dreams. If you missed it, you can check it out – here.

I have noticed that the universe has a way of tossing things in our path when it wants us to wake up and notice something. In my internet travels this week, I came across some other posts that were talking about the same thing.


In Why Perfectionism Kills Your Creativity, writer Eugene Choi, explains that perfectionism kills our creativity in three ways. It shames us for making mistakes. It uses fear instead of passion to motivate us. And it stunts our growth.

Another post by author Jeff Goins, didn’t talk about perfectionism specifically, but talks about the secrets to a good life. He talks about having passion, embracing fear and doing the hard scary things. In essence, he preaches anti-perfection…

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