Thursday Doors ~ Hidden

Last Thursday I made you curious about the more or less hidden doors of Aylsham in Norfolk, UK. Yesterday I shared one just because I could ;-).

So today I let you in on the more hidden doors in Aylsham. On my walk I was actually quite surprised how many rather forgotten and probably hardly used in ages doors there are in Aylsham.

Last Wednesday I went to Aylsham, mainly because I needed to go to the library


and I needed to get a card at the newsagent.


However, I decided to go on my first door excursion to take exclusive pictures of doors in this lovely historic market town.

According to Wikipedia it was a settlement in Roman times with water links to the whole empire. It was supposedly founded by an anglo-Saxon thegn called Aegel.

Wikipedia says about closer times: The town is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 as Elesham and Ailesham, with a population of about 1,000. Until the 15th century, the linen and worsted industry was important here, as well as in North Walsham and Worstead, and Aylsham webb or ‘cloth of Aylsham’ was supplied to the royal palaces of Edward II and III.

It further says that Aylsham had markets and fairs certainly since the 13th century and it still has on Mondays and Fridays.

But now back to my door excursion. I promised you some hidden and as it seems not often used doors. And here they come:


This one is easily overseen. It is on the right-hand side of the former haberdashery shop and I actually never really saw it. The antique shops sign seems to over shine it entirely.


I found this one on my way to the cafe which I showed you yesterday. There is a little path leading along the cafe’s back and through a little tunnel. This door was in the wall oposite.


This door is at the back of Aylsham town hall and I’ve never seen it open so far. The building on the left is occupied by a hairdresser and a sort of artisan bakery called “Bread Source“. I couldn’t get proper pictures of those because they were open (it was really warm even in the morning when I was there) and there was just not enough space. And I just realised that you can see the door of the estate agent over the road too.


And this one is the last of “my” more or less hidden doors in Aylsham. It is at the left side of the newsagent and there is a little path leading down to the other road. This is another door that I never really saw and really surprised me.

This is a little video made by two Aylsham high school students about the town and its shops. It gives you quite a good feel about how Aylsham is. And if you ever come to the UK: Please do not only go to London. A few hours drive to the North East and you find lovely people, lovely countryside and certainly one of the world’s best beaches in Norfolk :-).

If you want to learn more about Aylsham have a look here:

This post takes part in Norm’s brilliant “Thursday Doors” series. Please head over and find many more intriguing doors.

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13 thoughts on “Thursday Doors ~ Hidden

  1. Love the video -I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much when I lived in Los Angeles, as now I live in the mountains. This is the heartwarming life of a small town, where the street sweeper is as important as the shopkeeper or the mayor:) And great doors in your town.
    I can say “No, I didn’t only go to London, because my friends live in Southampton:)”

    Liked by 1 person

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