Romantic Tuesday

Please head over to Erika and enjoy a beautiful poem. Thanks!

Erika Kind


Two in One


We are two individuals

And happy to just watch

The other one to laugh and dance

And to evolve as such

It feels we have one home where we

Are one and the same

But freely walk through every door

Expressing our unique way

Then again when I watch you

It feels as if you are

Like an extended part of me

So close when even far

All that you do feels just as if

It came from my own heart

We have grown from the same strong root

We’re one and still two parts

That’s why we both have grown so strong

Nurtured by love’s power

As the source and as our home

Still growing by the hour

Are we one soul within two minds?

Or have we simply merged?

I only know that since we met

I found what all lifelong I searched


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