Thursday Doors – Farmington, CT

I think a “Thursday Doors” ID and bailout fund is a brilliant idea. We should ponder that one more closely ;-)!

Please head over to Dan’s “No Facilities” and enjoy and entertaining post about doors and other schools ;-)!

No Facilities

Lathrop dormitory Lathrop dormitory – built in 1841

Near the end of August, I spent some time taking care of my daughter’s cats while she was on vacation. It’s an easy task. The cats are both male and we get some serious slug time in, lounging in front of the TV and eating. On the way to and from her condo, I have a short drive through a very scenic section of Farmington, Connecticut. Unfortunately, it isn’t well suited to photography, for a few reasons:

Minimal Parking.

Congestion due to the fact that taking this road allows you to avoid a much more heavily congested road that is also under construction.

My seeking to avoid awkward questions from law enforcement.

The first two reasons are self-explanatory. The third reason, well remember, Norm has yet to establish a fund for bail.

Some of the photos in the gallery are beautiful old New England…

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