Accumulate with #SoCS

Hmmmm, I think I have to do a one-liner with this one:

I have accumulated many blog posts since 2009!


Ok, a little more explanation for all those who do not read regularly on this blog: In July I have imported blog posts from many blogs that I am writing since 2009. I had several on another WordPress account and several at Blogger too. (No, I am not addicted to blogging ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

At the moment I go through all the accumulated posts to see if I can recycle them or if they have to be deleted. It doesn’t make sense to have accumulated posts saying I have just started this blog. :-). That would confuse everybody :-).

I schedule two posts a day and am again about 4 weeks ahead because believe it or not we get on with the house buying at last. We can’t believe that time has accumulated that much until it’s finished. ย So hopefully my blogging will go on even if we should be offline for a while.

Am I rambling a bit, aren’t I? Never mind. It’s Stream of Consciousness writing I believe I can ramble as much as I want to :-). Take care dear readers and enjoy your weekend if you have one. I have one. A full one. Both Saturday and Sunday off. Have I mentioned that? God bless my boss!

The title of this song means “Weekend and Sunshine” and you probably know the song as “Happy Days Are Here Again!”


This post is part of Lindaโ€™sย Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Please headย over and find more thought provoking, funny, creative and touching posts in the comments.

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