Your #SoCS

Linda is giving you “your, you’re and yore” this week as prompt for our #SoCS post.

I am in no position to write a coherent post tonight to your information. 

I had a late shift and right now I am preoccupied by the “Bourne Ultimatum”. There is a moth bothering me. I asked it what ” yore” might mean but my connection to the universe and everything in it isn’t functioning enough yet to understand its answer. 

I should really be reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “Leaf Storm” as the Future Learn course I’ve chosen starts on Monday. What?! You’re not taking part??? Fair enough!

Me I should be reading two more books by then and I can’t make it but I will read Macondo anyway.

Tomorrow I’ll be going back into that madhouse that work is at the moment. Bankholiday. SomecBritish need to shop til they drop but I’m not goingbinto that now.

Where was I? And where are you? And where is that moth?????!

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3 Thoughts to “Your #SoCS”

  1. I think this came out very well for doing two things and worrying about other thing at the same time.

  2. Wish you a good working day today Bee 🙂

  3. That worked pretty well for a busy night. Great movie, too.

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