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The last remnants of my cold linger around but when I read Linda’s prompt for today’s SoCS I just had to write something. Please head over to her post and find more brilliant “ex’s” 🙂


The first word that came to my mind when I read Linda’s prompt was “exterminate”.

Of course, I am a huge fan of Dr Who and the Daleks are one of the most intriguing and scary characters in the series.

But there are a few things I would like to exterminate:

My cold for one. It’s nearly been a week, and I have enough of it. Its on its way out but still there and it makes life so much harder when you can’t breathe.

Bigots for another. I have no idea why people feel the urge to limit life to their small ideas of security. Life isn’t safe. Life is constant change, and you can’t stop people from wanting a better life. No matter how many walls or borders you put up. They’ll come anyway.

I would like to exterminate perfectionism. People and life are imperfect. We can’t help it. Of course, there is something motivating in wanting to create a perfect piece of music, painting or writing. But more often it stops its creator from even trying because if you want the perfect piece on the first go, you’ll never succeed.

And if you look at the perfect body you’ll never be happy with yourself, or it even leads to a lot worse like Hitler’s politics about disabled people showed.

I would like to exterminate poverty. I am pondering a lot how that could happen. It would solve a lot of problems in the world if wealth would be distributed fairly but I have no idea how that might happen. There are people who work hard and use their chances and who are just extremely competitive. It doesn’t feel fair to stop them in their tracks of whatever they want to achieve. Communism has shown that it doesn’t work. They still had or have an elite which gets everything while the common people get less or nothing.


I would like to exterminate mental illness. So much suffering in itself but intensified by societies who do not care or do not understand.

And it is so hard to live with it and make life work with it.

I would like to exterminate war. No explanation needed there I think.

I would like to exterminate climate change, but that’s not gonna happen. We are right in the muddle of it.

I would like to exterminate my past, but that’s not gonna happen either. I would not be who I am if I could do that. Who knows what sort of bitch I would have developed into if I hadn’t experienced what I have experienced.

The list could go on, but I stop here. I am tired and need a cuppa. Maybe you like to add the things you would like to exterminate?


Please also visit my posts about mental health and healing at “A Spirit of Healing.”


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8 thoughts on “#SoCS exterminates

  1. Excellent exhibition of extremely existential examples of extermination exercises.
    I think exterminating the Daleks would be the best place to start; just so the rest of the things you want to exterminate are still in existence for you to exterminate.

  2. That’s a long, long list. I share them. My favourite Dr Who was Tom Baker (I have now dated myself!). I ws just old enough to watch and remember when he replaced Jon Pertwee – I was transfixed and horrified at the same time. I had an LP record of Dr Who and The Pescatons which I listened to over and over again.

    • Wow, that’s a long Dr Who history. I grew up on in Germany and never knew of him until I came here in 2007. That a as still Christopher Eccleston but my favourite is Matt Smith 🙂

  3. I, too want to exterminate my head cold. I rarely get sick for more than day of mild discomfort. But this thing has been kicking my butt for three days now. I watched your video and will continue to imagine the swift extermination of the germs. Let’s kick their butts!

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