Night Time ~ A #Poem


I admit this poem should rather go into the poems at night but well, it is night somewhere on this planet :-).

You might see the more poetry you read of mine that the crow as a symbol or animal turns up often. I love crows. In 2010 I lived for three months on a camping site as I was homeless. I could have stayed with my friends or move in with my now husband but I felt I needed some time for myself. Some time close to the earth and close to my spirituality.

There was a tree that was inhabited by a murder of crows (yes that is really what you call it) and a lot of other campers found their conversations at night pretty annoying. I loved it. I listened to them often and the longer I listened to them the more I understood why they stand for wisdom and being keepers of the sacred law.

Since then I know when crows turn up some change is about to happen. Incidentally, from the week on when Brexit happened we had a crow sitting on our carport calling me every morning.

Night Time

night time
my hopes and wishes

in dreams
of a different kind

a crow’s cry
creates its reality


crow by Nikita

photo credit: Nikita via Flickr



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2 thoughts on “Night Time ~ A #Poem

  1. Interesting. I love crows, too. Some live here year-round, others I’m sure come from up north during the winter. I love how they communicate, and somehow I like overcast days where they’re the only sign of life. They’re fun to watch.

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