Mindful Monday ~ Don't sew a parachute when you jump out of a plane

Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

Welcome to Mindful Monday a blogging event that has been created by Colleen over at Silverthreading but for a while is hosted here at “Just Fooling Around With Bee or The Bee Writes”.

Colleen follows her call to tell the fairies stories, so her blog follows other paths.

Therefore, I have stepped in as I believe Mindful Monday is important, and it is important to have it as a weekly feature.

Thanks Colleen for letting me be the host for the time being!

Mindful Monday is a blog feature to support each other on our mindful and healthy journeys. It is not a challenge but a community of bloggers who post insightful posts on Mondays which make us think, change and hopefully act too.

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Last week Thursday I had my last session of CBT therapy this time around. It has been incredibly hard months, but my therapist has the talent to word my experiences in ways that offered me insights, and that helped me to find new ways of dealing with my sometimes bad mental health.

One thing I did learn this time is that I have to take care of my wellbeing and my mental health on a regular basis. I can’t just get back to tools and habits that I know are good for me when a crisis strikes.

You don’t start sewing a parachute when you are about to jump out of the plane

My therapist said that you do not start sewing a parachute when you are jumping out of the plane. Meaning you can’t just start doing helpful actions when you are in the middle of emotional turmoil. That sentence really struck a cord with me.

Don’t get me wrong: It’s not that I didn’t take care of myself. Writing, meditation and the occasional walk was what I knew does help me. Also using essential oils and St. Johnswort that balance my moods was something I did on a regular basis.

However, it looks like it was not enough.

There are CBT tools that are helpful in a mental health crisis which I already knew (breathing techniques and reaching my inner safe place) but as I only used them when I was upset they were not properly in my mind. Once I hit the inner turmoil, they were just gone. My feelings of fear, rage and frustration were so overwhelming I just couldn’t reach my inner safe place no matter how much I concentrated on my breathing. And Mindfulness was nowhere to be found. I just ran with the drama!

So what are my “parachutes” that I sew on a regular basis for my next mental health crisis jump?

That is a huge array of tools that I can use to deal with challenges & Stress and to keep well, and as long as I keep to practising them I will be ok I think.

Yes, there will be other challenges, and I might need help again. However, I am better prepared now to get on when bad mental health strikes.

How do you deal with challenges and bad mental health? Do you have “parachutes” that help you along? Please come along and share :-)!

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