Mindful Monday – 8 Aug16

Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

Welcome to Mindful Monday a blogging event that has been created by Colleen over at Silverthreading but for a while is hosted here at “Just Fooling Around With Bee or The Bee Writes”.

Colleen follows her call to tell the fairies stories, so her blog follows other paths.

Therefore, I have stepped in as I believe Mindful Monday is important, and it is important to have it as a weekly feature.

Thanks Colleen for letting me be the host for the time being!

Mindful Monday is a blog feature to support each other on our mindful and healthy journeys. It is not a challenge but a community of bloggers who post insightful posts on Mondays which make us think, change and hopefully act too.

Please feel free to leave your link to your Mindful Monday post in the comments, so the Mindful Monday community has the chance to head over to your place and give and get support.


Helen  over at “This Thing Called Life One Word At A Time” is getting very creative and obviously has found a way too for her exercise regime to work. Find her “Mindful Monday” posts here.


Just a short note from me today. I am terribly tired and should be in bed by now but I remembered I’ve forgotten to schedule a “Mindful Monday” post and I do not want to let you down.

Even though I kept practising the “Habits of Kindness and Gratitude” I did not write them down last week. Neither in my diary nor here.

The reason for that was my cold that kept me busy healing last week and work. Holiday season is upon us but we are not getting as much staff as we used to due to Brexit. The Pound is down in worth which hits supermarkets hard because they rely on imports. With the pound losing worth, imports get a lot more expensive and supermarkets earn less. Of course, wages are the biggest pot in a business so they save there.

It is tough but so far I managed to keep my anxiety under control and even be a moral support for my boss. However, it costs a lot of energy so I kept myself to playing when I was at home and reading to recover and relax instead of blogging. Well, I did some housework too. Even did a little decluttering in our kitchen cupboards but that’s another story.

However, I feel the”Habits of Kindness and Gratitude” work a lot better when I actually write them down. So for today you just got a little update on my life and here are today’s gratitudes.

  • Recall three things you’re grateful for.

I am grateful for binaural beats or tones which have made such a difference to me grinding my teeth and other experiments proof successful too. But about that later in the week. I am grateful for my husband who treats me to meals so often when I come home tired. I love the man! :-). I am grateful for the “Habits of Kindness and Gratitude” as they seem to  make a big difference.

  • Journal one great experience you had.

My work day was a great experience. Yes, that sounds totally wrong because it was so busy but I managed to do my best and to stay calm. And I do not feel entirely exhausted. Obviously, I managed to balance myself in a way that works for me.

  • Exercise

None to speak off unless you count me running around at work trying to get ten things done at ones 😉

I can’t meditate very well when I have a  cold, so I chose to listen to grounding or healing binaural beats and address my spiritual guides on a daily basis. I now feel the  need to get back to “proper” meditation even though I probably rather practise mindfulness instead of meditating. Never mind how you call it. It works and I want it back!

  • Perform a random act of kindness.

My boss was very upset about our working conditions today so I gave her a hug and said: “We’ll get through it!” That seemed to have given her some strength and an idea on how to get about the situation. We got a little help from other departments which was great.

So there you have it. A little update on life in The Bee hive and some gratitude. But how about you? What was your experience of mindfulness last week?

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