#Poem at night: I chose life! (attention might trigger)

July 2016

This poem will be posted a few days after the anniversary of my mother’s passing. On the day of her funeral, I wanted to end my life. I was 12 years old, and I had enough.

However, in a huge struggle, I decided differently. Many people consider children not capable of taking life decisions but on that day my life was decided. I chose life not death and even though I have come close to that much desperation on several occasions in my life that decision stays the same: I chose life not death!

I chose Life

I chose life
not death!
No matter how painful!
I chose life
not death!
No matter how confusing!
I chose life
not death!
No matter how hard!
I chose life!


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3 Thoughts to “#Poem at night: I chose life! (attention might trigger)”

  1. (((Hugs))) Bee. These things affect children just as badly as they affect adults. I totally understand…

  2. First off, I’m very sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine losing a parent that young. I imagine it must have been very difficult.

    Second, I have to say that this hits home for me. I am a survivor of three suicide attempts and the thoughts of suicide still regularly plague me. I really probably shouldn’t be alive right now, yet here I am. It is sometimes hard to move forward, but somehow I do.

    Actually my survival story is what led me to start my inked journey when I got my semicolon tattoo. Little did I know that would have started an obsession. Perhaps it’s wrong to say tattoos saved my life, but it’s possible. Whatever works, right?

    Anyway, hang in there.

    1. You too. I have started to believe that some are just meant to be survivors. I’m do not know what kept me alive on the day of my mothers funeral. You can call it God, hope, serendipity. I’m still here and so are you and blogging is a great way of making sense of it all. Thanks for stopping by

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