#Poem at night: Give me a voice! (Attention might trigger)

July 2016

Strange, the topic of anger is still on my agenda and I am not sure if I have come along with it. Maybe I am just reacting to the general anger in this world. Anger about injustices real and perceived that seem to spill over and lead to violent reactions but also to strange political choices.

How can we heal our own anger and that of the world? Maybe all it needs is a voice as I wrote in April 2011:

Give me a voice!

“Give me a voice!”
said the angry one
“Give me a voice!”

“I can not give you
a voice.”
said I
I can not give it to you!”

said the angry one

“You will
You will
You will
said I

“But I
that is why!”

Fury Medusa

photo credit: Chris Brown via Flickr

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4 Thoughts to “#Poem at night: Give me a voice! (Attention might trigger)”

  1. Anger needs to get out of the body and one useful way can be by practicing physical activity as boxing training or something else, where you can use a lot of physical power. Have you ever tried this Bee ?

    1. I meant to do it since years but I still can’t get myself around to. It’s work in progress :-). Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      1. One day you will be there Bee 🙂

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