#poem at night: a century of sleep

August 2016

I can’t believe that this feeling of exhaustion lasts since 2011. Such a long time and no matter how much time I have off work or how long I sleep it just doesn’t go away. It is still highly accurate:

a century of sleep

a century of sleep
keeping away
my nightmares

a century of sleep
relaxing my
tortured muscles

a century of sleep
soothing my
wounded heart

a century of sleep

healing my nightmares
healing my muscles
healing my heart
healing my souls


a century of sleep
my lost souls
long for it

a century of sleep
can they find it?


Author: beehalton2

I am ginger, happily married to the best husband in the world, daydreamer, tea (and can you believe it) & coffee lover. Baking enthusiast, book reviewer, immigrant and poet, author, blogger….

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