Everyday #Poetry ~ A Poem

Since July I go through all my old posts to see what still has value, what can be recycled and what has to go. It amazes me how much I have written since 2009 when I started blogging with Blogger and WordPress.

This poem made me smile because it reminded me of #APromptADayForBee where I wrote and posted a poem a day for a year. It’s a little over a year that it ended, and it used to be on my Blogger blog, but I imported those posts to this blog.

It will need a while until I get to those posts. Right now I am at March 2011. Seems a lifetime ago.

I hope this post will draw a smile on your face even though it is not “high” poetry :-)!

Everyday Poetry

I want to
every day

just a few words
to express
every day
of my life



Please also visit my posts about mental health and healing at “A Spirit of Healing.”

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