#Poem on Friday: The End?


I had a hard time since June 24th when the British Government announced that the British people have decided to leave the EU. That decision goes against everything I believe in and I had no chance to vote because I am not British.

However, it was much harder for me because I realised how many people around me, whom I love and respect believe that decision was the right one to make. I still am not sure how to deal with this.

How to keep respecting them and to start building a bridge. It would be so much easier to consider them idiots and just leave them. Maybe that is how it will go. Who knows!

I think that is the worst thing about this referendum for many: The huge gap that has opened up in this society between the generations, between neighbours, between co-workers. How on earth can that be healed?

I am not sure why I wrote this poem in January 2011 but it is suitable now

The End?

What is there to say
when we change?
Inevitable as life
we grow together
or apart
but why
does it have to
hurt so much?



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5 thoughts on “#Poem on Friday: The End?

  1. It’s always easy to respect people’s opinion as long as it fits our own. Now, the harder part is at stake. But bridge building is up to them who destroyed the old one. Maybe you can ask them for this helping hand?

    • I think they try to do that when they say I have nothing to worry about because I am married here and am so long in the country. They entirely miss the point though: its the general atmosphere that has suddenly changed from friendly acceptance to immigrants are not welcome here. Most people make that funny split in their minds that those whom they know are not immigrants even though they were born in another country. I haven’t had any direct bad experiences but I can’t make that funny split in my mind. If papers and people speak about immigrants they mean me too no matter how long I live here. I don’t think most people are racists but they develop a “them and us” attitude which increases racism and other violence as the numbers here clearly show. It is very uncomfortable.

      • That is a split in mind really, but a very common one. I never thought it would be possible in England which I always felt to be so openminded. Very sad story, and especially for people like you.

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