Song Lyric Sunday ~ Living in the Past by Jethro Tull

I have a pretty broad music taste. There is everything from Bach over Jess Glynne to the Sex Pistols that makes me dance or just listen. But I have a real thing for the music of the 60 and 70 and one band I like because they use a flute is Jethro Tull. I actually saw them live in the early 90’s in Berlin.
I was so excited because I loved their music. However, the company who employed them decided to do the concert in a Hall that was set up for a company meeting with chairs that had tables in front of them.
You can imagine how well you can party in that sort of environment. Jethro Tull saw it the same way. They didn’t even do an extra song so pissed off were they. Never mind. I heard “Aqualung”, “Thick as a Brick” and one of my favourites “Living in the Past”.
And that is the song that I’ve chosen for today. You are curious what they are up to nowadays? Have a look here

“Living In The Past”

Happy and I’m smiling
walk a mile to drink your water
You know I’d love to love you
and above you there’s no other
We’ll go walking out
while others shout of war’s disaster
Oh, we won’t give in
let’s go living in the past
Once I used to join in
every boy and girl was my friend
Now there’s revolution, but they don’t know
what they’re fighting
Let us close our eyes
outside their lives go on much faster
Oh, we won’t give in
we’ll keep living in the past
Lyrics from A-Z Lyrics

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3 Thoughts to “Song Lyric Sunday ~ Living in the Past by Jethro Tull”

  1. Great song! Sometimes you have to separate yourself from all of it in order to survive. Loved these lyrics! Thanks for sharing, Bee! 😊

  2. Great choice I love Jethro Tull too! 😎

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