#SoCS if's


Hi, Linda, of course we understand. Take as much time as you need. We are perfectly capable to visit each other :-). And you my dear readers can do that here 🙂

If” is one of my favourite poems and I would love to read it and others this weekend. I’ll be off to work though. 

Then I’ll have some days off and see what I can do with it. Take good care of yourselves and enjoy whatever is in store for you!!!!

3 thoughts on “#SoCS if's

  1. You and Deborah wrote about the same poem. No problem, it’s a good one. As I said to her, we were all (boys and girls) taught to be like this, and maybe we should teach kids that going forward.

    • Brilliant idea but I didn’t know it until my 20’s. Kipling’s poetry wasn’t taught in German schools unfortunately. My brother send it to me one day 🙂

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