Sad #Poems


July 2016

Between October 2009 and April 2010 I did not blog on this blog. I had started another one about survivors of abuse which I have deleted since. However, I cannot be without poetry and writing is one way of dealing with my past. So I came back to this blog and wrote that:

April 2010

It seems like I chose to write more sad poems. But there are some quite silly ones too. This one was inspired by a picture by Marc Chagall. I put my English translation first and then the German original:

Fantasy ’89

Two lovers fly happily through the air

find protection everywhere

without limits

without force

Today is like tomorrow

Fantasy not possible to describe

cheerful warm lovely

always there for children

But adults lose it somewhere

and find it again

A bunny sits in the bed

and laughs at me

without any sense

or is there any

it simply is

and why not



photo credit: cea+ via Flickr



Phantasie ’89

Fröhlich fliegt ein Liebespaar durch die Luft

in der Fremde Schutz gesucht

ohne Enge

ohne Zwänge

Heute ist gleich morgen

Phantasie unausdrückbar

fröhlich warm schön

für Kinder immer da

Erwachsenen geht sie verlor’n

finden sie wieder

Ein Hase sitzt im Bett

und lacht mich an

ohne Sinn

oder doch mit Sinn

einfach da

und warum nicht

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