Poem on Friday ~ 8july16 ~ ten-word-poem

A month ago @FrauPaulchen challenged us to write a poem using only ten words. We could change the verb form or from singular to plural but still we were supposed to just use ten words.

I loved that challenge. There is something in the fact you have to restrict yourself that I love about writing Haiku too. It makes you more precise in what you want to say. It makes you look for the essence of what you want to express. And therefore, I will do another ten-word poem.

You might have expected me to write a Ruba’i poem as suggested on “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” however; I didn’t manage to write one that I was willing to post.

Here I keep a little freedom for myself to explore how to express myself, to play around with words and generally just to have fun.

This time, I am not writing a dedication to anyone but just brainstorm ten words and go for it. The words are:

moving, green, angry, soul, heavens, touch, of, my, fly, bird

bird of my soul


bird of my soul

fly green, angry


touch heavens






bird of my soul


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