Please write to your MP today… (UK only)

… To turn up to tomorrow’s immergency meeting about EU citizens staying in this country.

This is what I wrote:

Many EU citizens are the backbone of our NHS, they hold our country together and have built families and full lives here.  Please attend tomorrow’s vote and vote to allow our European friends, families and colleagues to stay in the UK.
I am one of them even though I do not work for the NHS. I am scared for this country since the result of the referendum is out because the propaganda the leave campaign has used has given those here in the UK and all over Europe in fact, who are angry and feel neglected a huge boost to let their anger, frustration and fear out their chosen scapegoat: us immigrants. 
I have spoken to many elderly German citizens about Nazi Germany and how it was then. The impression I got from their recounts were that “normal” German citizens only wanted a roof over their head, a job, get the power back from an international political organisation to their country and make it great again. Does that sound somehow familiar?
None of them wanted concentration camps or another war but their silent approval of Hitlers lies empowered him and his followers to do their dirty work. 
Hate crimes have risen 5 times since the result of the referendum, a co-worker of my husband who is from Eastern Europe here in Norwich has already been told to go home and a pro-Eu politician has been killed. And extremist organisations thrive in this climate of uncertainty and animosity to ones neighbours. 
If you decide not to attend tomorrows meeting you are one of those who silently approve of racism in this country. Because not speaking up gives those who still believe in racism another boost. 
I am sure this is not the sort of country the UK soldiers in WWII fought for.  
Kind regards Bee Halton

To find out more and who to write to go to the 38degrees page here

Thank you for your support!

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9 Thoughts to “Please write to your MP today… (UK only)”

  1. Rhonda (my American wife) works in a fish and chip shop, the most English of jobs, and she told me the other day that, since the referendum, the small talk she’s had from the customers has gone from; “Oh, that’s not a Devon accent, which part of America are you from?” or, “We went on holiday to New York/Disneyland/The Grand Canyon, do you know _______?” when she first worked there, to; “So, what do you think of Donald Trump, then?” until the last couple of weeks, when it’s been a lot of “Well at least we’ll be rid of all those bloody immigrants….**awkward silence**…Oh, not you though! No, the foreign ones.” As if being an immigrant from an English speaking country somehow exempts you from bigotry and ignorance.
    She said she was disgusted by some of the comments she’s heard in the last few days.

    1. I so know what she is experiencing. Obviously I am not an immigrant either and you can hear that I am from Germany. This double standard really does me in. I do not know how to deal with it honestly but I will have to find a way because this is not going away anytime soon. Especially not since this country doesn’t seem to have a political leadership at all. Send your wife my greetings. She is not alone unfortunately.

      1. I will do, thanks. X

  2. Reblogged this on Linda G. Hill and commented:
    The world has become a scary place for some, particularly these days for immigrants in the UK. If you want to help spread the word, please click on the original link and reblog this post. You might not live in the UK, but together we can reach thousands who do.
    Please help!

    1. Thanks Linda, I appreciate that a lot.!!!!

      1. Of course, Bee. This is important! As you say, the silent majority have caused chaos before, but now there’s no reason for it. We can communicate with each other now, unlike then!

        1. True. So maybe there is hope after all 🙂

    1. Thanks Kimberly, I appreciate this a lot!!!!!

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