#Poem on Friday: Maybe

I am writing this post on Tuesday 28th of June and the poem at the end of the post somehow has changed my negative view on the EU exit of the UK. The more I think about it the more I believe the EU is better off without the UK. I do not dare to predict the future of the UK. It won’t be as bad as the “remain” campaign predicted but hardly any of the goals of the “leave” campaign will become reality.

Never mind. 52% proud British citizens have gotten the power back to their country what comes after that and what they might have done to the world economy doesn’t matter to them. To me, they feel more and more like sulking teenagers who demand more freedom of decision to do things that are clearly stupid but they are old enough to do that now.

I just feel sorry for the 48% who wanted to remain because those will have to suffer for it. And I am sorry for all the youngsters in this country who might have lost a lot of chances for their future because their parents and grandparents stubbornly needed to go for the wrong decision for all the wrong reasons.



maybe – there is a light
maybe – there is a tomorrow
maybe – there is love
maybe – there is hope
maybe – there is …

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