July 2016

When I wrote this post about a month ago I did not expect how much I am going to have to redefine my identy than I have to now after Brexit.

It feels like I’m fallen through a hole in time and find myself way back when patriotism had its hayday.

Patriotism and EU-scepticism goes against everything I believe in. Borders, hard immigration laws and the unwillingness to share with our neighbours for me are the roots to war and upheaval.

And 52% of this country that I love so much has just chosen that. I am still in shock and this is in part the reason why I have to battle my demons again.

June 2016

Maybe in today’s fast changing world we always have to re-create our identity. Or rather newly define it. I feel like I have to do that on a regular basis and it started when I was a teenager.

July 2009

Identity seemed always to have been an item for me. The first poem I ever wrote about that theme was in 1989 the year I have been to England for the first time and to Sweden as well. Travel obviously has a deep impact on identity. This poem is the second in the series I wrote then which actually was just before the wall came down.

German original:

Ich II (03.11.1989)

Ich bin stolz
Ich habe Angst
Die Angst erwächst aus meinem Stolz
Erfaßt mich die Ahnung
Daß ich zu mehr berufen bin
Als zu Stolz und Angst

Doch dann erfaßt der Alltag mich wieder



I am proud
I am afraid
Fear comes from my pride
I get the gist
that I should be more
than proud and afraid

but then daily grind gets back at me.

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