Habits of Kindness and Gratitude ~ 28/7/16

The second day where I kept being aware of the “Habits of Kindness and Gratitude” and even though it has been another busy day at work and therapy before I feel fairly calm and not entirely exhausted.

Not sure if these kindness habits or my experiments with binaural beats or therapy or all of them have something to do with it. It does not matter anyway. I am just grateful for it 🙂

  • Recall three things you’re grateful for.

I am grateful that I still have a job even though I struggle with my mental health sometimes, for free online courses by Future Learn and my family and friends off- and online.

  • EditJournal one great experience you had.

I had to take out a lot of our rubbish on the department and it was quite heavy. One of my co-workers saw me struggling and he took of some of the bags for me, opened the huge bin and helped put in the rest. Such a great help. Thanks!

  • Exercise

I did not exercise but did a little bit of gardening and they say it is as good as exercise. Bingo! 🙂

Today I was a bit in a hurry but I calmed myself down, addressed my spiritual guides and said thanks for the basics in my life.

  • Perform a random act of kindness

I offered my co-worker to take out her rubbish (which in turn gave me a great experience) :-).

Anyone out there trying out these habits too? What are your experiences?

For me, it is good night soon. I am having a cup of tea and play a little FVII and then I fall into bed and sleep. Take good care of yourselves 🙂

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