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How is your writing going? Are you a more formal artist or do you like to break rules and ran free?

To rhyme or not to rhyme that is the question since a long time. I have been writing free verse ever since I started writing poetry in the early 80’s. Then I connected rhymes and other tools poetry uses to make their point a bit boring and outdated.

Stephen Fry famously supports that a poet should know his or her acrostic from his or her rhyme to write meaningful poetry. Only those who know the rules can break them masterfully.

However, I wonder if there is a change in perception of poetry and its quality. I am reading many poetry blogs by “hobby” poets and their poems touch my heart, teach me wisdom and entertain me brilliantly at times even though they will never win a Literature Nobel Prize. But I also love to read poems by masters like Shakespeare, Plath or Schiller.

In my opinion, there is a time and space for both masterful and published poems but also our more private ponderings about life and everything in poetry form. In my opinion, one is not less worth than the other. It is just different. I consider people who look down on someone else’s art because they do not fulfil a certain standard or they simply don’t understand it a little snobbish and arrogant, to be honest.

And as for rhymes: You need to be a master and know how to use language to use a rhyme well. I am nowhere near that. So I keep to my “station” 😉 and do mainly free verse besides some exceptions like the one later on in the post. That poem was originally posted on September 24th, 2013:

I have written this poem after Rachel Hoyt’s prompt from Friday 20/9/2013 on her blog “Rhyme Me A Smile“:


To Rhyme or not to rhyme

Rhyming to me often feels odd
I don’t feel like a pea in a pod
and certainly don’t give it a nod.

Though sometimes it sends a smile on my face
when the words are at last in their place
and I hope they will find a perfect space.

pebble beach
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