Mindful Monday ~ Habits of Kindness and Gratitude (3)

Mindful Monday healthy living

Mindful Monday

Welcome to Mindful Monday a blogging event that has been created by Colleen over at Silverthreading but for a while is hosted here at “A Spirit of Healing”. Colleen follows her call to tell the fairies stories, so her blog follows other paths.

Therefore, I have stepped in as I believe Mindful Monday is important, and it is important to have it as a weekly feature. Thanks Colleen for letting me be the host for the time being!

Mindful Monday is a blog feature to support each other on our mindful and healthy journeys. It is not a challenge but a community of bloggers who post insightful posts on Mondays which make us think, change and hopefully act too.

Please feel free to leave your link to your Mindful Monday post in the comments, so the Mindful Monday community has the chance to head over to your place and give and get support.


Helen has been so kind and shared her experiences with getting back into exercising, trouble with blogging and the day job in her last few Mindful Monday posts. Please head over and cheer her on here. Thanks

Think positive

Sorry, my dear readers for being late. I didn’t find the energy last week to schedule this post and yesterday after work I just ate something and fell into bed. It’s 4am here and I just do a short one for this week. Hope you can forgive me :-).

Last week I encouraged you and me to try out these five habits:

  • Recall three things you’re grateful for.
  • Journal one great experience you had.
  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Perform a random act of kindness.

How have you done?

Well, I haven’t done well. I have recalled things I am grateful for and I have meditated every day but I haven’t done the rest.

What’s stopping me? Who knows. I don’t and I’ve decided not to fret about it. It is how it is. I haven’t done it. But there is a new week here and I have a new chance to do it. And I invite you to do it with me 🙂


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