#Poem at Night: Avalon

When I wrote this poem in February 2011 I was in a very bad place. Depression and PTSD had a grip on me but I was not really aware of it. I was about to give up my position as department manager which I felt was defeat. I had worked hard to make the department a success but I just could not deal with the stress connected with it.

Sometimes though you just have to let go of a goal to move on. I had some time off work and I used it to write, to tweet and to read. One of my favourite books is “The Mists of Avalon” by Marion Zimmer-Bradley and I love Glastonbury where Avalon is supposedly situated.

So, I wrote a poem about it :-).


Say hello
to blooming apple trees.
A misty lake
protects my hopes
of peace and freedom.
Meandering paths
of reality
embracing Tor Hill.
I will be there
and watch.



Please also visit my posts about mental health and healing at “A Spirit of Healing.”

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