#Poem at night: Breaking the cycle

We have reached now posts from February 2011. I didn’t remember that I was writing so many poems in those days. Even though I translated many I have written earlier in German. It is a discovery for me how much I have always lived my creativity and what a treasure of writing and posts I have.

I just have a look to check how many posts are on this blog now and WordPress tells me just over 3000. Unbelievable. They have come together from 5 blogs which I have started since 2009. There are a few more blogs that I have written but I haven’t used all here. Some are about writing projects that I now try to finish and then decide what I am going to do with them. Exciting times :-).

Breaking the cycle

It’s viciousness
traps me
time and time again.

There is
beauty hidden
exhausting nights.

                                                    It cracks though a little more
every now and then.



Please also visit my posts about mental health and healing at “A Spirit of Healing.”

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