Concentrate with #SoCS

My dear readers, my concentration is gone. Gone far away on holiday while my non-concentration is just happily back at work. 

I never quite get how concentration and non-concentration always manage to miss each other.

I’ve made appointments for them, drew up rotas and even tried to bribe them. It just doesn’t work.

Either I am fully focused with concentration at my side or totally out of my mind with non-concentration racing along a mental roller coaster with me tow.

Then the crazy thoughts jump in and of course entirely out of control feelings. They are the worst you know. Really, the WORST!

In the blink of an eye though I fall out with all of them and concentration is back. Life is crazy isn’t it????

Sorry I can’t concentrate to find the proper #SoCS picture but if you got curious look here and find more funny, thought provoking, silly, crazy and plainly brilliant #SoCS posts.

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