Love is always a good theme/ Liebe ist immer ein gutes Thema

July 2016

I think I have now reached blog posts from my bi-lingual blog. For a long time I have written multiple blogs. For me it felt like I preferred to have a blog for certain topics each. There was one about my German poetry, one about my English poetry and translations, one about a fantasy story, one about a sci-fi story, a bi-lingual one, a photography and one for a little bit of everything.

I have imported several of but not all of those blogs to “Just Fooling Around With Bee” but am “recycling” some of the old posts with some explanations. Some I leave at the time when I first published them and some will have to be deleted. You are in for a ride :-).

April 2010

English: I wrote this poem in 2000 when I was on my own on Borkum my most favourite German island

German: Ich habe dies Gedicht in 2000 geschrieben als ich auf Borkum war meiner liebsten Insel.

German original:

Seine Hände

Seine Hände

würzen mein Verlangen:

Es krabbelt


in mir hoch

bis es

meinen Atem

stolpern läßt



English translation:

His hands

his hands

spice my desire:

it wanders


up inside of me


it makes my breath



Please also visit my posts about mental health and healing at “A Spirit of Healing.”

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